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Server update

[Owner] Glickydil a posted Aug 4, 15

Here's basically what is going on:

I have no access to any of the previous files right now. I don't want to completely start over from scratch, and now I am working with an old member of our Tekkit Server on a few FTB modded servers, which him, Jamaal, and I will be monitoring it, and enjoying playing with all of the mods in the modpacks we have chosen. The first server is hopefully going to be up by Friday, and the other servers will be work for another day.

I'm not sure if/how Team XEO is going to keep going on, but I am trying my best to retrieve my files and get us back up, but for now, you can join the website of the FTB servers if you are interested in joining us in the modded servers. Website link here:

Thanks. - Dill

[Member] Loopfroot_ Hey guys. Its Loop or as you all remember me, Mr. Brix. I'd just like to say thank you for the great time I had on...
[Member] dex_the_hexer things be boring....
[Member] Xminer1234 hai der ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


[Owner] Glickydil a posted Jul 18, 15

I am leaving for Florida today and will be gone for a week, Vamp is in Canada with Dover, and Jamaal is in South Dakota. With all of the top people being out of town, I decided that I wasn't going to pay for the server, until I get back in a week. I want to work on it a lot when I get back, and I want the whole month of time to be able to work on it, and if I pay now, I will miss a whole week of working on it. Sorry for this, but I need to do a lot when I get back, which could change a lot about the server.

Word IP

[Owner] Glickydil a posted Jun 25, 15

You may now connect to our server using which much easier to remember than all of the numbers!

Change of IP

[Owner] Glickydil a posted Jun 22, 15

Please take the time to change the IP for Team XEO in your minecraft client. IP found on the left of this page.

New Server IP!

[Owner] Glickydil a posted Jun 17, 15

We switched hosts! This host is actually located in the US (Where all of the staff is currently located), gives us 3 extra GB of ram to work off of, and actually gave me a dedicated IP right away! Just a quick shoutout to the new host: CorvusHosting! Very cheap and reliable, transferred everything for us! Enjoy your playing! 


Thanks! - Dill

[Member] AnGeLzKinG hello, glad your back up I'll swing by seems this time my timing was off tho seeing it says the servers down. Hopef...
[Mod] Snorlaxsniper dill now the donor kits have like a 2 year cooldown
[Mod] Snorlaxsniper but dover lives in canada